Shredded Fajita Chicken

How to make Shredded Fajita Chicken Step-by-Step

I love this chicken because it is easy and versatile. You can also make it in bulk if you have a family!

You will need a slow cooker for this recipe!


3lbs. Chicken Breast

1 stick of butter

cumin, garlic powder, chili powder, salt

Place your chicken on the bottom of the slow cooker, making sure that it creates one layer. Once you have the chicken in the slow cooker, then pour the seasonings over the chicken. Normally, recipes have exact measurements, but I am not a fan of that because everyone likes a different flavor profile.

I suggest starting off by adding a half teaspoon of each, and if it is not flavorful enough then increase the seasonings by a half teaspoon until you reach the desired flavor profile. The great part about cooking is that you are head chef, make what you want! And don’t forget, cooking is much more an art than a science!

After seasoning the chicken, place a stick of butter on top of the layer of chicken. Butter, really helps intensify all of the flavors from the seasonings! The last step is to put the top on your slow cooker, and set its timer for 4-6 hours on the LOW setting. My slow cooker gives the the options of High, Low, or Keep Warm. The longer that you let your chicken cook, the easier it is to shred! I personally like to shred mine after 4 hours!


Place 3 lbs. of chicken in a slow cooker, creating 1 layer

sprinkle desired amount of seasoning on top of chicken

place stick of butter on top of chicken

Set slow cooker to low

Come back in 4-6 hours, shred your chicken, and ENJOY!

I made this dish this past week for my work lunches. I added green beans each day to complete the meal. I really enjoyed it for lunch, and it was only 1.77$ a serving (based on 8 oz serving of chicken and 7 oz serving of green beans).

Please email me if you have any questions regarding this or any other recipe. If you have any ideas for recipes, please send them my way! I will try the recipe out and include a post with a picture! Feedback will help me bring more value to you! So please do not hesitate to contact me at!

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